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Tracking NetAudit changes

Once NetAudit is configured, Opsview Monitor starts backing up your network configuration and the information becomes available in the Monitoring > NetAudit page.


The data on this page is then updated every 4 hours.

To view the details of a NetAudit-enabled Host, go to the Monitoring > NetAudit page. The following screen is displayed:

NetAudit page

Click on rancid to display the list of Hosts that have NetAudit enabled (and are thus having their configuration files backed up):

List of host

Click on the hostname or IP address to view the configuration file:

NetAudit configuration file

This will display the latest whole configuration file for the host. Keep in mind that the collection job is run every 4 hours, therefore you may not see the up-to-date information immediately.

To view historical versions, use the arrows in the toolbar above the display area. You can also compare with the previous configuration file to see what has changed, by clicking the Compare with Previous button. This will enable a screen with both versions in parallel, highlighting the changes:

NetAudit historical versions


As Opsview Monitor is only used to help you see changes, as an audit functionality, if you locate a change that is not adequate, you will need to manually correct the configuration file for the device.
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