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Graph Center

The Graph Center allows you to have a visual representation of the output of Service Checks, as long as they contain numerical performance data (‘perfdata’). This data can then be drawn within the ‘Investigate mode’ window of the Service Check as well as on the Graph Center.

To load the Graph Center, go to the Monitoring > Graph Center page. Initially, there will be no visible graphs.

Graph View Copied

This is the main area of the page where graphs are displayed.

Graph Center view

To the left of the graph view, the ‘Legend’ will display every host (line) being displayed on the Graph View, with their matching color. Clicking on individual hosts here will enable or disable that line on every graph.

Hovering over any graphs displayed within the Graph View, a marker will display showing the axes values at that time, as well as a value label for each line on the graph.

Clicking and dragging over a portion of any graph will set the time period to a custom period that matches your selection as if applying a zoom in to all the graphs to focus on a particular event:

Graph time period

Custom period

In the top-right corner of each graph, a ‘Down arrow’ button allows you to:

Time Copied

This dropdown, located in the top-left of the Graph View, allows you to change the start and end date/time of all graphs visible within the current view.

You can choose from the following options:

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The Actions are covered in:

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