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Create Business Components and Services

The creation, modification, and deletion of Business Services and Components are done in the Configuration > BSM page.

BSM page

To create a Business Service, ensure you have the necessary components first.

Create a Component Copied

  1. To create a new Component, click the Components tab: Components tab
  2. Clicking the Components tab will load the following fields within the Create new component section:
  1. Click Create. The new component is then added and ready for use within a new or existing Business Service.

Create a Business Service Copied

  1. To create a new Business Service, click the Business Services tab.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name for the new business service.
  3. On the Notify Via drop-down menu, select the monitoring cluster where you want notifications for the Business Service to be executed on when “Collector” is selected as the “Run On” option for the notification method.
  4. Drag and drop the components you want to include in the BSM from the Components Drawer into the Components selected for BSM table. The image below shows two main Opsview Components. Business Services tab
  5. Click Create to add the new Business Service.

You can then view the status of your BSM when going to Monitoring > BSM Summary. For more information, see BSM Monitoring Views.

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