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User interface

The Opsview Monitor user interface is designed to make your day-to-day life easier – whether you are adding new Hosts or Dashboards, adding new Flow Collectors, analyzing Events, or even configuring a new SNMP Polling Service Check.

The user interface is split into three main sections:

In addition, additional sections are available for quick access to your favorite pages:

These sections are all accessible in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Monitoring Copied

The Monitoring section contains all of the analytics and interpretation sections of Opsview Monitor. Depending on your permissions level, you may or may not see all the below options:

Monitoring user interface

Configuration Copied

The Configuration section is where you can add new objects to Opsview Monitor and configure various settings and options. For ease of use, this section is divided in four categories. Depending on your permissions level, you may or may not see all the below options:

Configuration user interface

Objects / Groups Copied

Advanced Copied

Users and Notifications Copied

System Copied

The My Links section of the user interface is where you can add custom links to your Opsview Monitor system. These links can either be external links to Opsview, or you favorite saved Monitoring views from within Opsview Monitor.

My Links user interface

Most used Copied

This section will display your 12 most-used areas of Opsview Monitor. This list is non-editable and is computer-generated based on the clicks per tile. This list will therefore vary from one use to another.

Most Used user interface

Help Copied

The Help section provides access to external useful resources. Depending on your permissions level, you may or may not see all the below options:

At the top-right of the navigation bar, you can click on your username. Clicking on it will provide with the below options. If you are logged in as a guest user you not be able to switch users.

Automatic Refresh Buttons Copied

Some refresh buttons have a countdown and can perform an automatic data refresh. To view the most recent countdown, hover over the refresh button.

Automatic refresh button

You can right-click to get a menu to stop, restart, or enter a different countdown interval. The new value will be retained when the page is reloaded. If you set the value to be an empty string, then the default value for the button will be used.

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