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The configuration, addition, and deletion of Users is done via the Users and Roles section of the Configuration menu. Once within Users and Roles, the list of Users on the system will be visible:

Users tab

In this table you can choose to edit or delete a User using the contextual menu, add a new User using the Add New button, export the list of Users via the Export button, and also filter the list of Users using the filters within the column headers:

Filters within the column headers

Adding a User Copied

To add a new User, click on the Add New button.

Once clicked, this button will display the New User configuration window:

Configure New User fields

There are four tabs within the New User window:

The User tab contains seven required fields when creating a new User; these are:

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The full name / friendly, non-login name for the User.

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The Username which the User will use to login to Opsview Monitor.

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A small comment about the User, i.e. ‘This is John Smith; he is the Sysadmin for Tims Tyres’.

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The Role with which the User is associated. Only one Role can be selected.

Set Password/Confirm Password Copied

The password which the User must enter in order to log in.

For more details, see Password Strength.

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English/Spanish/German languages are available to Users of Opsview Monitor, along with the setting Use browser setting which will try to discover the required language via the browser.

Language setting

User creation Copied

Once you have configured the fields above you can click on Submit Changes and your new User is entered, ready to be created. The highlighted orange row indicates that you need to apply the changes. To do this go to Configuration > Apply Changes and click the Apply Changes button. When the process has completed, the new User is created and the login details are ready to be used.

Changing a User’s Password Copied

To change a User’s password, navigate to Users and Roles within the Configuration menu; click on Edit within the contextual menu of the User that you wish to modify:

Changing password

Once the Edit window is open, enter the new password into the Change Password and Confirm Password fields.

After entering the new password into both fields, click ‘Submit Changes’ and the new password will be applied after an Apply Changes is performed through Configuration > Apply Changes.


Password history is not updated when an admin user changes another user’s password.
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