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Opsview Data Warehouse (ODW)

In Configuration > My System, go to the ODW tab. If you have a subscription that contains ODW, then you will see this tab.

My System ODW tab

Enable ODW Import Copied

Within this section you can choose to enable ODW imports, for example, store data longer than the seven-day retention period allowed within the runtime database. ODW data is stored in summarized one-hour blocks that ensure all service check state changes are recorded and can be reported on.

After enabling ODW imports, you can change the retention period of ODW data.

Enable Extended Import Copied

You can also enable Extended Import.

If you enable this, Opsview Monitor stores every service check result and performance plot for the Extended Import retention period. Enabling Extended Import can greatly increase the size of your ODW and slows down both the import_runtime process and generating reports. The Extended Import data is only used by the Daily Performance Report; if you do not use this report, or do not use a custom report that uses the odw.servicecheck_results or odw.performance_data tables, you likely do not need to enable Extended Import.

Import Hosts or Services Copied

You can choose to import all Hosts or All Service Checks, or select the option to choose to store long term data about a specific set of Hosts or Service Checks as shown below:

ODW import hosts

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