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The Audit Log grid can be filtered either by using the Search box at the top of the table or by using the menus available via the column headers.

In the example below, I have searched for the word ‘starting’. When the ‘search icon’ or ‘ENTER’ button is pressed, the ‘Activity Description’ column will be filtered for Audit Log entries that contain the given string ‘starting’, as below:

Filter log list

As you can see, the ‘Activity Description’ column is now highlighted purple to represent that a filter has been applied. To clear the filter, simply remove the entered text.

To filter on the date range, use the ‘Period’ field:

Filter date range

You can filter by a specific duration or set a custom date and time range.

You can also filter on the User column. These filters may be cleared by clicking the red X joined to the filter:

Filter user column

Note, that this is a string search, so substrings will match. However, SYSTEM is a special username (for internally generated events), which will only match if it is exactly the same.

Filtering within categories can be achieved via the checkboxes available within the contextual menu, as below:

Filtering within categories

In the above screenshot, there are 5 categories available. These are:

["Opsview On-premises"] ["User Guide"]

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