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Audit Log

This document explains the concepts of ‘Audit Log’, a section where you can audit and analyze what setup changes have been done on Opsview Monitor, from the addition and removal of hosts, to users logging in/out, applying changes and more.

After reading this section, a user should be able to filter the Audit Log, export the results, understand the different categories and more.

Go to Configuration > System > Audit Log:

Audit log interface

Audit Log is essentially the ‘history’ view within Opsview Monitor; it will show what users have been doing, what changes have been made, by whom and when, and allow for the restoration of a previous ‘known working setup’ in the event of a configuration error.

Audit log interface Copied

The columns within the Audit Log table are:

For users to be able to view the audit log, they will need ADMINACCESS and CONFIGUREVIEW permissions. See the section Adding a New Role for more information.

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