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Results Recent

The Opsview Results Recent component is responsible for inserting historical data into the database.

Dependencies Copied

Messagequeue, Registry, Core-utils. Please make sure these package are installed, configured and running before attempting to run the results-recent process.

You will also need to ensure the mysql client binary is installed.

Installation Copied

Refer to Advanced Automated Installation.

Configuration Copied

Default results recent yaml file contains information about database and messagequeue connections, If users want to point to a non default server they should create a resultsrecent.yaml file and provide the information in there.

Management Copied

Configuration Copied

DPKGs Copied

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package manager, removing the package would leave the watchdog service file behind with a .save extension. Purging the package will remove it. The package manager managed config files are as follows


RPMs Copied

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package manager. When removing the package, if the files listed have been modified by the user before; they will be left behind after rpmsave extension has been added to them. When upgrading the package, if the files listed have been modifed by the user before; the modified file on the disk will remain and the new config file from the upgrading package will be written to the disk with the rpmnew extension. Users will have to:

  1. Manually restore the file with the rpmsave extension.
  2. Rename the rpmnew to the config file name if they want to use the new config for the package.

Service administration Copied

As root, start, stop and restart the service using:

/opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit <start|stop|restart> opsview-resultsrecent
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