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The Reporting module brings report creation and automation capabilities to Opsview Monitor SMB, Enterprise and MSP plans (optional module for Opsview Monitor SMB customers). Based on JasperReports, the module creates and distributes professional-looking reports to your customers and staff.

Dependencies Copied

It requires Java (version 8 or version 11, depending on your OS) and MySQL or MariaDB.

Installation Copied

Refer to Reports Module (Optional).

Management Copied

Configuration Copied

DPKGs Copied

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package, doing a remove would leave the watchdog service file behind with a .save extension. Purging the package will remove it. The package managed config file:


RPMs Copied

Watchdog service files are now managed by the package. Any modifications will be saved at upgrade and remove time.


Service administration Copied

As root, start, stop and restart the service using:

/opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit <start|stop|restart> opsview-reportingmodule

Administration tools Copied

Set up the reports environment variables to facilitate in using the proceeding tools:

su - opsview
cd /opt/opsview/jasper/
source ./bin/

Backup the ODW datasource information Copied

./buildomatic/ --uris /datasources --output-zip /var/tmp/

Backup the scheduled reports information Copied

./buildomatic/ --report-jobs --output-zip /var/tmp/

Export reports Copied

./buildomatic/ --uris /reports --output-dir /var/tmp/reports
./buildomatic/ --uris /reports --output-zip /var/tmp/

Update reports with modified content Copied

./buildomatic/ --input-dir /var/tmp/reports --update

Restore Scheduled jobs and Datasources Copied

./buildomatic/ --input-zip /var/tmp/ --update
./buildomatic/ --input-zip /var/tmp/ --update
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