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NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) is a means by which host and check results can be passed into Opsview Monitor from a remote source.

Installation Copied

The opsview-nsca package is available for download from:

After installing the package on either the Orchestrator and/or Collectors you may need to amend your firewall to allow port 5667 through.

If /opt/opsview/nsca/etc/nsca.cfg did not previously exist, a password is randomly generated and put into the file. If you need to specify the password, edit this file and set password (and any other settings) as appropriate for your needs.

The NSCA daemon will not be started automatically. You need enable the configuration and reload opsview_watchdog:

cp /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-nsca.conf.dis /opt/opsview/watchdog/etc/services/opsview-nsca.conf
/opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit reload

The NSCA daemon will then be started and available for connections.

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