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Modifying an agent

Modifying the ITRS Infrastructure Agent Copied

The ITRS Infrastructure Agent is the recommended monitoring agent to use. It comes with a set of default plugins to be able to monitor many aspects of your devices, and also supports adding custom plugins. See Infrastructure Agent Configuration for details, and then follow the instructions below in the Opsview Monitor UI (assuming a new agent command check_example was added).

UI configuration Copied

  1. Add a new Servicecheck with the following configuration:
Name: Custom Check
Plugin: `check_nrpe`
Parameters: `-H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c check_example -a '<plugin arguments>'`
  1. Now add this Servicecheck to the Host you wish to monitor and Apply Changes to bring the configuration into use.

Opsview Agent Linux: Adding a custom plugin Copied

Opsview Agent

The Opsview Agent is still supported, but we recommend that new customers and existing customers deploying new monitoring use the ITRS Infrastructure Agent instead. Please follow the instructions above for the latest information on the ITRS Infrastructure Agent.

To view information about the Opsview Agent, you can refer to the Opsview documentation version 6.8.4 or earlier.

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