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Withdraw of the 6.9.2 Release

Unfortunately, due to critical issues identified with version 6.9.2, we have decided to remove it and ensure it's no longer available for download. These issues impacted the ability to install or upgrade but none were security-related. We are diligently working to resolve these issues and are planning to release an updated version 6.9.3 in early May.

What if you've already upgraded?

For customers who have already upgraded to 6.9.2, no immediate action is required, as none of these issues are security-related. Once it's available, you will still be able to upgrade to 6.9.3 as normal. We appreciate your patience and trust as we continue to enhance our software to better serve you. Thank you for your understanding.

SNMP Traps Collector

SNMP Traps Collector will:

Dependencies Copied

Installation Copied

This is deployed when installing Opsview Monitor.

See MIBs for SNMP Traps and Gets to add MIBs that are required for translating SNMP Traps.

Configuration Copied

Configuration options available for the component:

# This is the default configuration file.
# Please only make configuration changes in "snmptrapscollector.yaml".
    queue_max_size: 0
    worker_timeout_secs: 30
    snmptrapstrace_channel_timeout: 10
    orchestrator_reply_delay_secs: 10
    traps_fifo: /opt/opsview/snmptraps/var/run/snmp
    results_fifo: /opt/opsview/var/results.sock
    snmp_config_file: snmptraps.cfg
    script: /opt/opsview/snmptrapsbase/bin/snmptrap2opsview
    local_message_queue: &local_message_queue
        provider: rabbitmq
        encoder: aes
        encoder_key: ZHVtbXllbmNvZGVya2V5MTIzNA==
        port: 35672
        management_port: 45672
        user: opsview
        password: opsview
        queue: snmp-traps-exception-queue
        messagequeue: *local_message_queue
        durable: true
        queue: snmptraptrace-exchange:direct.snmptrace-request-@:?
        messagequeue: *local_message_queue
        durable: true
        queue: orchestrator-queue
        messagequeue: *local_message_queue
        durable: true
        provider: etcd
        port: 12379
        name: opsview-collector
        cache: opsviewcache,max_age=5;max_size=10
            provider: couchhttp
            port: 15984
            user: opsview
            password: opsview

Management Copied

Managing the component Copied

The command to start, stop and restart the component is:

$ sudo /opt/opsview/watchdog/bin/opsview-monit <start|stop|restart> opsview-snmptrapscollector

The component logs to syslog like all other components. Note that you may see errors in syslog regarding No such file or directory: "/opt/opsview/snmptrapscollector/var/conf/snmptraps.cfg" until the first SNMP Trap rule is associated with a host and Apply Changes is performed.

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