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Scheduling - Hashtags

By scheduling downtime against a Hashtag, you are scheduling a downtime for all the Hosts and Service Checks within that Hashtag. Notifications will not be sent out if failures occur during the set time period.

In Monitoring > Hashtags > List View, locate the Hashtag for which you wish to schedule a downtime, click on the contextual menu for the given Hashtag and select Schedule Downtime:

Schedule hashtags

If you are in Monitoring > Hashtags > Grid View, left-click the Hashtag and Schedule Downtime:

Hashtags Grid view

You either set downtime:


If you have chosen to set ‘Exclude Handled’ within the Configuration window of the Hashtag, then any failures that occur within the Downtime window will not affect the status of the Hashtag, i.e. the Hashtag will remain ‘OK’/Green, but there will be Service Checks inside the Hashtag in a failed state (CRITICAL/WARNING).

For more information on ‘Exclude Handled’, see Adding a New Hashtag.

Set downtime

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