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Migrating Opsview Monitor

This section and the pages below outline the methods to perform various migration tasks. You should familiarise yourself with the Prerequisites and Known Issues documentation before continuing.


You may run your systems in parallel for up-to 30 days using the same software key without invalidating your Terms and Conditions of your contract. If you require an additional activation of your software key to do this, please raise an incident to Opsview Support.

If you are running Version 6.0, 6.1 or 6.2 please see Migrating Opsview 6 to New Hardware.


Please pay attention to the curl command as you will be able to install the same version to migrate to if you use it correctly.

If you are running Version 5.4.x or older please see Migrating to New Hardware.

If you want to migrate to the Virtual Appliance, please see Migrating to New Hardware Virtual Appliance.

If you are looking at moving Hosts into an Opsview Monitor installation see Host Migrations via a Spreadsheet.

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