Adding a Hashtag

Adding a Hashtag

To add and maintain Hashtags, go to Configuration > Hashtags:

Add a new hashtag

Click on the Add New button. If you tick the Enable option, the following window is displayed:

New Hashtag window

Hashtags tab

Within this tab, you can set the following fields:


Don’t include the # symbol here, it is used purely for display within the product.

Objects tab

Within this tab, you can choose the objects you want to tag with the Hashtag you are creating.

You can choose to select Hosts first and then filter the list of Service Checks to just list Service Checks that the selected Hosts have. You can also choose to select the Service Checks first and select the ‘All Hosts with these Service Checks’ box, which tells Opsview Monitor ’ ‘Any Host that has the selected Service Checks, tag with this Hashtag’.

In the example below, we are going to tag all Hosts that have Apache Service Checks with our new Hashtag. Select all Apache service checks and then tick the “All hosts with these service checks will be tagged with the hashtag’ option:

New Hashtag config options

Once you have configured the objects, click Submit Changes and then go to Configuration > Apply Changes to set this into production.

This Hashtag is visible from within Configuration > Hosts, then Host Tab > Advanced drawer, in the Globally Applied Hashtags field:

Advanced settings

As you can see, Hashtags can also be applied on a host by host basis using the Hashtags field just above.

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