Install the Obcerv Operator

The operator can be installed once per cluster (watching all namespaces) or once for a subset of namespaces. By default, the operator will watch only the namespace into which it is installed.

Add or update the ITRS Helm repository:

helm repo add itrs
helm repo update

Install with the default settings:

helm install obcerv-operator itrs/obcerv-operator --version 2.5.0 -n itrs --wait

If using a private docker repository, then append --set docker.registry=<your-registry>/obcerv to the above command.

To override the list of watched namespaces, append this to the above command:

# All namespaces
--set "namespaces="

# Specific namespace(s)
--set "namespaces={ns1,ns2}"
["Obcerv"] ["User Guide", "Technical Reference"]

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