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Once you have installed Obcerv, you can install whichever apps are required for your use case. Many apps rely on the Web Console to provide a UI so we recommend that you install this first.

All Obcerv apps, including the Web Console, are installed via Helm. You can add and update the ITRS Helm repository, by running:

helm repo add itrs
helm repo update

Each app is versioned independently and can be upgraded separately from the platform.

For more information, see:

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Keycloak is installed by the operator as part of the platform. You can use Keycloak to configure RBAC (role-based access control) for Obcerv users. It is accessible via https://www.obcerv.local/auth (adjusted to your actual DNS name).

During installation, the Obcerv operator generates all initial passwords, which are stored in a secret called iam-initial-credentials. You must change these credentials during initial configuration. Passwords can be changed from the Keycloak admin console, without the need to update the contents of the secret.


Secrets are not deleted when you uninstall the Obcerv Platform. If you reinstall later, your initial passwords will remain the same as after the first installation.

Special attention must be given to the iam-realm-admin-credentials secret since it holds the password for the realm-admin user, which is the user used during installation to perform IAM setup tasks.

When Obcerv is installed for the first time, that secret is created with an automatically generated password. Although not strictly necessary, you can change the password for realm-admin through the Keycloak admin console after installation is complete, like for any other user.

The realm-admin user is only used during installation and upgrades. The generated password for it is a strong password. If you still decide to change the said password in Keycloak, you must update the iam-realm-admin-credentials secret accordingly. This will ensure that the new password can be used during subsequent upgrades.


When upgrading from Obcerv 1.4.x, if you have changed the password of the iam-admin user, the iam-realm-admin-credentials secret needs to be updated before proceeding with the upgrade.

To update the secret using the command line, run:

%> kubectl patch secret iam-realm-admin-credentials -n itrs --patch='{"stringData": { "password": "mypassword" }}'

Geneos Copied

To start collecting data from Geneos, see Connect Geneos to Obcerv.

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