Connect to Obcerv

Once you have installed Obcerv, you can install whichever apps are required for your use case. Many apps rely on the Web Console to provide a UI so we recommend that you install this first.

All Obcerv apps, including the Web Console, are installed via Helm. You can add and update the ITRS Helm repository, by running:

helm repo add itrs
helm repo update

Each app is versioned independently and can be upgraded separately from the platform.

For more information, see:


Keycloak is installed by the operator as part of the platform. It is accessible via https://www.obcerv.local/auth (adjusted to your actual DNS name) with the default login of admin/admin. You must change these credentials during initial configuration.

You can use Keycloak to configure RBAC (role based access control) for Obcerv users.


To start collecting data from Geneos follow the Genos connection quickstart.

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