What is Obcerv?

To maximize performance and mitigate risks in IT operations, Obcerv helps always-on enterprises in making sense of the massive amount of critical monitoring data that they collect. Obcerv conveniently centralizes critical monitoring data (such as metrics, states, and logs) from infrastructure, applications, and networks into a single repository. With Obcerv, you’ll have better oversight over collected data for deeper analysis and enrichment.

As an observability platform for data storage and analytics, Obcerv ensures visibility of critical monitoring data and makes it readily accessible to users as well as other applications. Apart from ITRS tools, fit-for-purpose applications can be built around the Obcerv platform to deliver a cutting-edge end-to-end monitoring solution: from data collection and aggregation, analytics, to visualisation.

Obcerv basics

As a “monitor of monitors”, Obcerv brings context and meaning to alerts from your various monitoring systems. Obcerv also has capabilities for predicting performance issues and forecasting resource utilisation. By applying probable cause analytics, Obcerv helps reveal the most likely source of a problem in your IT operations.

Key features

Obcerv supports different types of hybrid environments, including enterprises that are going through digital transformation. Obcerv can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Some of its key features are:

Obcerv features

Dynamic dashboards and forecasting

Simplified log investigation

Alert rationalization and consolidation

Interoperability and fit-for-purpose data storage

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