Monitor log files and check error messages to ensure that your IT operations are running smoothly. Obcerv automatically collects log data from various available data sources.

On the Logs app, you can:

View logs Copied

  1. On the side panel, click Logs.
  2. In the From field, select an attribute or dimension name and set conditions for your query. You will see a prompt to start the expression with {, followed by a list of available values. For more details, see Expressions.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. On visualisation, switch between the following views:

Logs view options

View Description
Count Shows the number of logs according to status indicators in a stacked bar chart.
Throughput Depicts logs processed during a particular timeframe in a line chart.
  1. Hover on the chart to see more details. If you selected Throughput, you can drag on the chart to adjust the timeframe.
  2. Below the chart, click on any log to view and expand for more details.
  3. Click Customize to see options for showing log details.
Type Options
  • Time
  • Unique labels
  • Wrap lines
  • None
  • Exact
  • Number
  • Signature
  1. If you want to save your query, click Save filter. You can view the query next time by selecting it from the Saved Filters drop-down list.

Compare logs side-by-side Copied

  1. While viewing logs, click Split. This opens a new panel.
  2. To compare data, select a log to view on each panel. You can drill-down on data by clicking , and then choosing an attribute.

Logs comparison

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