Install the Web Console

All Obcerv apps, including the Web Console, are installed via helm.

Many apps use the Web Console to provide a user interface. As a result you should always install the Web Console first.


For full details of app installation, see Install apps.

Web Console installation Copied

  1. Create a chart config file, for example console.yaml:

      annotations: "nginx" "minion"

    Your ingress controller may require custom annotations on the ingress (this example is for ingress-nginx).

  2. Install the chart:

    helm install -f console.yaml obcerv-app-webconsole itrs/obcerv-app-webconsole --version 2.2.0 -n <namespace> --wait

Once the pod is ready, the console will be accessible via https://www.obcerv.local (adjusted to your actual DNS name). For initial login, see Access and login.

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