Admin settings

You must have an administrator role to access the Admin page in the Web Console. As an administrator, you can upload the Obcerv license and view its details, manage plugins, and access the API Gateway, among others.

Upload the Obcerv license Copied

To retrieve the Obcerv license (.json) file for your organisation, contact ITRS Support. You must save the file on your local folder so you can upload it to the Web Console.

  1. On the side panel, click Admin. Upload Obcerv licence file
  2. Click the License Management tab.
  3. Click Upload License, and then browse to the location where the .json file is saved.
  4. Select the .json file.

You will see a confirmation when the file has been successfully uploaded.

Check Obcerv license details Copied

The Licence Management tab contains information about your licensing plan, including the expiration date and entitlements.

  1. On the side panel, click Admin.
  2. Click the License Management tab.
  3. Review details about your licensing plan.


When the license expires, data ingestion will continue but Obcerv will stop serving data.

Manage plugins Copied

Check which plugins are available for you to use. You must have an admin role to do this task.

  1. On the side panel, click Admin.
  2. Click the Plugins admin tab.
  3. Find a plugin, and then click to see its details.
  4. Enable or disable the plugin by toggling the switch.

Access the API Gateway Copied

Access the API Gateway to view and test Obcerv APIs.


Note: Before accessing the API Gateway tab on the Admin page, you must have already installed and configured the API Gateway app. See API Gateway installation.
  1. On the side panel, click Admin.
  2. Click the API Gateway tab. This section shows a list of available APIs.
  3. Under the Entities and Metrics sections, find an API and then click to see its details.
  4. To test the API, click Try it out, and then make your changes in the Edit Value text box.
  5. Click Execute, and then review the code responses.


Note: You will also find parameters and values used in Obcerv under the Models section of the API Gateway tab. When you see {...}, click for more details.

Display certificates Copied

You can display the Certificate Authority (CA) required by Gateway to publish data to Obcerv in the admin page.

To add a ca.crt file to this page, run:

kubectl create secret generic obcerv-ca --from-file=ca.crt=./ca.crt -n <namespace>

When you installed Obcerv, a TLS certificate for the ingestion service was either provided by you or a self-signed certificate was generated. This ingestion service certificate was signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). In order for a Gateway to establish an HTTPS connection, it must trust the CA. To ensure this you must provide the contents of the ca-pem.txt when configuring the Gateway connection.

For more information, see Obcerv Quickstart.

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