Install the Web Console

All Obcerv apps, including the Web Console, are installed via helm.

Many apps use the Web Console to provide a user interface. As a result you should always install the Web Console first.


For full details of app installation, see Install apps.

Web Console installation


Before upgrading to Web Console 1.4.0, you must first uninstall all Obcerv apps. Due to Web Platform security changes, you need to upgrade all Obcerv apps at the same time. Make sure that you reinstall the latest mutually compatible versions of Obcerv apps. See the Obcerv Compatibility Matrix.
  1. Create a chart config file, for example console.yaml:

    externalHostname: www.obcerv.local
      annotations: "nginx" "minion"
    • The externalHostname parameter must match the DNS name specified in your obcerv.yaml configuration file (apps.externalHostname).
    • Your ingress controller may require custom annotations on the ingress (this example is for ingress-nginx).
  2. Install the chart:

    helm install -f console.yaml obcerv-app-webconsole itrs/obcerv-app-webconsole --version 1.4.0 -n <namespace> --wait

Once the pod is ready, the console will be accessible via https://www.obcerv.local (adjusted to your actual DNS name) with the default login of obcerv/obcerv.

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