Install Apps

All Obcerv apps, including the Web Console, are installed via helm.

If you have already completed Preparing the Kubernetes Cluster then Helm should already be configured.

Install an app

To add or update the ITRS helm repository:

helm repo add itrs
helm repo update

To install an app, run:

helm install --set externalHostname=<hostname> <app-name> itrs/<app-name>

You should replace <hostname> with the externalHostname DNS name specified in your obcerv.yaml configuration file.

Caution: Many apps use the Web Console to provide a user interface. As a result you should always install the Web Console first following the directions here.

Set chart parameters

Instead of using the --set option, you can create a chart config file, such as app.yaml, with the parameters you require.

In most cases you can use something similar to the following:

externalHostname: www.obcerv.local
  annotations: "nginx" "minion"
["Obcerv"] ["User Guide"]

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