About the Forecaster app

The Forecaster app creates forecasts based on historical usage on a metric of interest and then generates either of these signals:

You can create and view Forecaster configurations in the Obcervant page on the Web Console.


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The app consists of the following components to cover a vast amount of time series for forecasting at run-time:


As of the 2.2.0 version, the Forecaster app is capable of handling 20k entities / time series.

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The preprocessor processes live metrics and selectively passes metrics of interest to be forecasted. An entity can be excluded for forecasting for the following reasons:

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The Forecaster app currently supports two forecast models. The app selects a most suitable model and makes predictions based on historical data.

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The signal generator processes forecasts and live metric data to create signals if the metric of interest is predicted to breach the threshold (forecast signal) or has already breached the threshold (static signal). For more information, see Signals.

Together, these app components form a funnel-like workflow.


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