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The following Obcerv apps must be installed before installing the FIX Monitor app:

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Before installing the application, you must determine how your FIX message log data will be sent to Obcerv. See the Log Ingestion documentation for details log ingestion.

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Before upgrading to FIX Monitor 2.2.0, you must first uninstall all Obcerv apps. Due to a breaking change in a core library (Spring Boot), you need to upgrade all Obcerv apps at the same time. Make sure that you reinstall the latest mutually compatible versions of Obcerv apps. See the Obcerv Compatibility Matrix.

To install the FIX Monitor app, you must first create a Helm values file with the appropriate configuration parameters for your environment.

See the Configuration documentation for information on the configuration parameters that can be set.

Create a file, such as fixmonitor.yaml with content similar to the following:

externalHostname: "www.obcerv.local"
  annotations: "nginx" "minion"
    # Override to match your FIX enviornment
      timezone: America/New_York
        hour: 8
        hour: 15
        minute: 30
        hour: 16
      # Override based on sizing estimates
      storageSize: 20Gi      

Install using Helm:

helm install -f fixmonitor.yaml obcerv-app-fixmonitor \
itrs/obcerv-app-fixmonitor \
--version 2.2.0 -n <namespace> --wait

Uninstall Copied

helm uninstall obcerv-app-fixmonitor -n <namespace>

Upgrade Copied

To upgrade the app, first uninstall and then install it again using the new version.

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