Configuration parameters

The following parameters can be overridden in a custom Helm values file.

Default schedule Copied

Parameter: bffDaemon.config.defaultSchedule

# Required. A default schedule is required to determine when FIX sessions are meant to be logged on or off.
# The application will not start without a default schedule.
      timezone: America/New_York
        hour: 7
        hour: 18
        hour: 19

FIX sender CompIds prefixes Copied

Parameter: bffDaemon.config.fixSenderCompIds

# Optional. An array/list of FIX senderCompId prefixes which are used to determine the direction of FIX messages in 
# relation to the customer environment. When the first FIX message arrives for a non-configured FIX session, this list 
# is used to match the start of tag49 or tag56 values of the message. If none match, then the UI will show 
# "Config Required".
#   fix-sender-comp-ids:
#   - COMPID1
#   - COMPID2

FIX log filter Copied

Parameter: bffDaemon.config.fixLogEntityFilter

# Optional. Filter used to exclude or include the processing of inbound FIX events. Exclusions override inclusions.
# If no filtering configuration is set, all messages are processed.
# Required. The following exclusions are required when running alongside Obcerv. Without them, an infinite logging loop
# is possible, which stops the processing of inbound messages.
        - fix-monitor-app
        - dpd
#     inclusions:
#       - some-service1
#       container:
#        - some-container-name1

Message index volume size Copied

Each FIX session requires 170Mb to initialize, and then an additional space to hold FIX message data. A general sizing equation for the volume is (170Mb x 2) per FIX session.

Set the size of your index volume using a custom Helm values file.

Parameter: bffDaemon.pvc.index.storageSize

# Optional. Defaults to 20Gi. The size of the FIX message index. 
#    pvc:
#      index:
#        storageSize: 20Gi

Query service hostname and port Copied

# Required. Hostname and port where the Obcerv Query Service Application is available. If the Query Service is not
# found, then the application will not start.
      hostname: localhost
      port: 50054

FIX session schedule check interval Copied

# Optional. Defaults to 5000ms (5secs). The interval between checking session's desired schedule against the actual
# schedule.
#   schedule-check-interval: 5000

FIX message index retention days Copied

# Optional. Defaults to 8 days. Used to control how long FIX messages are stored in the app. When the scheduled
# end-of-day trigger runs for each session, old FIX messages are removed.
#   index-retention-days: 8

FIX log regex pattern Copied

# Optional. Defaults to "^.*8=FIX.*$". Used to configure the log filtering on Obcerv.
#   fix-log-regex: "^.*8=FIX.*$"

Less critical parameters Copied

# Optional. Defaults to 1,048,576. Controls the size of the inbound message processing queue. Configure a larger queue
# size for large bursts of messages at the trade-off of using more memory.
#   fix-log-queue-capacity: 1048576

# Optional. Defaults to 72 hours. Used to control how long log messages are persisted in Obcerv. Configure to higher for
# more durable log replay at the trade-off of larger DPD volume sizes.
#   fix-log-retention-hours: 72

# Optional with no default. If set, the file is used as the source for FIX data and all other inbound data
# subscriptions are ignored. Useful in one-off testing situations.
#   fix-log-file: fix-data1.log

# Optional. Defaults to "./offset". Directory where offset data will be stored for the Obcerv log subscription.
#   offset-directory: ./offset

# Optional. Defaults to "./index". Base directory where the FIX message index will be stored for each FIX session.
#   index-directory: ./index

# Optional. Defaults to 1mil. Controls how large each FIX session's conversation index can grow to.
#   fix-session-conversations-millis: 1000000
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