The Entity Viewer app is now available as an Early Adopter (EA) release with full support. This means that you can expect frequent releases as new features are introduced as well as provide feedback as a customer during feature development.

Prerequisites Copied

The following must be installed before installing the Entity Viewer app:

If you have Gateways publishing data to Obcerv, we recommend upgrading to Gateway version 6.8.0 or newer.

Install Copied

To install the app:

  1. Create a chart config file, such as entities.yaml with content similar to the following:
  annotations: "nginx" "minion"

Your ingress controller may require custom annotations on the ingress (this example is for ingress-nginx).

  1. Install the chart:
helm install -f app.yaml obcerv-app-entities itrs/obcerv-app-entities \
            --version 1.1.0 -n <namespace> --wait

Uninstall Copied

helm uninstall obcerv-app-entities -n itrs

Upgrade Copied

To upgrade the app, first uninstall and then install it again using the new version.

["Obcerv"] ["Obcerv > Entity Viewer"] ["User Guide"]

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