Centralised Config

The Centralised Config app provides an overview of the resource files stored in Obcerv. You can administer the allocation of centrally managed resources.

The app has the following sections:

Centralised Config

Before you start working on Gateways with Obcerv, make sure that you meet the Geneos component requirements.

Gateway configuration Copied

You need admin rights to change a Gateway configuration.

  1. On the Gateways section, click a Gateway name. This reloads the Resources section with a list of files used by the Gateway.
  2. Review the resources that the selected Gateway is currently using.
  3. For each resource, you can:

Add resources Copied

Check which resources can be added to the Gateway.

  1. To add a file to a Gateway configuration, click Add Resources.
  2. Select an uploaded file from the list, and then click Add.
  3. Click Save.

Upload Gateway binaries Copied

Changes to any Gateway setup resource must be validated by the app before they are applied. To do that, you must upload an archive for each unique centralised Gateway version to the app. Gateway archives can be downloaded from the official ITRS Downloads page. Only Linux (linux-x64) binaries are supported for validation.

Gateway archives can be uploaded to the app by copying them to a specific directory in the app’s backend pod. This can be done with the following commands:

# Set the path to the Gateway archive
# Get the name of the app's backend pod
daemonPod=$(kubectl get pod -l app.kubernetes.io/name=obcerv-app-centralised-config-daemon -o jsonpath="{.items[0].metadata.name}")
# Copy the Gateway archive to the pod
kubectl -n <namespace> cp $gatewayArchive -c obcerv-app-centralised-config-daemon $daemonPod:/gateways/archives/
# Create a 'commit' file with the same name as the gateway archive (e.g. "geneos-gateway-6.3.0-linux-x64.tar.gz.commit")
touch "${gatewayArchive}.commit"
# Copy the commit file to the pod.
kubectl -n <namespace> cp "${gatewayArchive}.commit" -c obcerv-app-centralised-config-daemon $daemonPod:/gateways/archives/


You may need to wait 10 to 30 seconds for the uploaded binaries to appear listed in the UI.

Check Gateway binaries Copied

  1. To see the list of uploaded binaries, click Binaries.
  2. To delete a binary file, click Delete icon next to its file name.

Change the persistent version history of resources and Gateways Copied


Obcerv only persists the last 20 versions of each resource or Gateway stored by the app. When using the Centralised Config app, it is recommended to set the version history limit to the maximum value (100).

To change the persistence setting of the resource and Gateway version history, you need to reconfigure Obcerv following the steps in Reconfiguration overview.

Add the following entry to the supplied parameters file:

versionHistoryLimit: 100

Centralised Config dashboard Copied

You can view the status and health of the Centralised Config app on the Dashboards app.

Centralised Config dashboard

["Obcerv"] ["Obcerv > Centralised Config"] ["User Guide"]

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