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The Search function allows you to define a search over all the data items known to the Active Console.

The search function can be accessed:

The Basic search option provides pre-configured settings that need to be enabled and selected to match the desired data items.

There are the fields and options that you can modify:

Field Description
Search for

Type of data item you are searching.

Example value: Gateway, Directory, Probe, Entity, Sampler, Dataview, Cell, Headline

With name Use special characters, such as asterisk (*) and question mark (?) for wildcards.
With severity

Specifies the severity.

Example value: Critical, Warning, OK, Undefined

With state Includes the User assigned, Snoozed, and Active options.
Assigned to

Search for any data item per assignee.

This only works if:

  • There is an assignee to the data item you are looking for.
  • The User assigned is set to Yes.
  • the keyword exactly matches the assginee's name which is case-sensitive.
With entity attributes Specify the entity attributes you set in the workspace settings.

By default, search results display on their corresponding tabs in the Search Results dockable.

The results are displayed in a form of a list view. Using the target settings at the bottom of the search dialog, you can also send the results to:

For more information, see Configure output of the query.

The Search Results dockable is a type of list view. For more information about list view and its functions, see List View. Here is an example of Search Results dockable:

The Advanced search allows you to search for any data items by specifying a path.

Beginning Active Console 5.5.x, the Managed Entity display name is used in the user readable path. To perform an advance search, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Search > Advanced.
  2. Click Add .
  3. Click the row to enter the actual path of the data item.
  4. Alternatively, click the row and click the ellipsis button to edit the path.
  5. Click Search.

Example of a path used in the Advanced search:


File results destination Copied

The output of a query can be either set within the Active Console Destination, or in your local file through File Destination.

For more information, see File results destination.

The Quick search or Find search items field in the Active Console toolbar allows you to find a data item by its name.

This function displays exactly the keyword you are searching for. The results are also displayed on the Search Results tab in the Search Results dockable.

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