Output dockable

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The Output dockable displays the results of commands that generate output.

By default, the output of each command is displayed on its own tab. Alternatively, go to View > Output dockable to view the list of generated results for each executed command.

The output view supports standard text, HTML, and XML. The content of an output view is read-only, but you can copy the text or use the standard operating system short cut keys for copy.

Also, you can export the contents of an output view into a text by clicking the Save As option. This option can be found on the right-click menu.

Other functions Copied

Other functions that are available in the Output dockable:

Function Description
rerun-command Runs the command and refreshes the result.
get-focus If toggled, the selected output tab takes focus when it is updated.
Scroll Backward/Foward Moves you to the previous and/or next output tab. This only appears if there are multiple tabs view in the Output dockable.
Show List Displays all completed commands in the Output dockable.
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