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The Active Console user interface uses a docking framework that allows you to customise its layout.

There are several types of dockables that allows you to set their position and size. By default, when you create a new workspace, the State Tree, Gateways, Welcome to Geneos, Get Started with Active Console, and Managed Entities dockables displays in Active Console. Other dockables can be opened by going to the View menu bar.

Each dockable has the following capabilities and options in its title bar where you can perform the following:

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Dockables can be moved in the Active Console interface in relation to other dockable components.

To move a dockable:

  1. Choose the dockable screen you want to move.
  2. Click and hold the title bar.
  3. Drag it to the new location within the Active Console interface.

When you already click the title bar and drag it into its new location, this gives you a greyed out bar preview of its to-be location.

In this example, you want to move the Paths dockable on top of the Metrics dockable:

You can configure the screen layouts to suit your workflow. In this example, you can display three dockables in to your Active Console interface:

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Dockable frames allow you to combine two or more dockables. These components are accessible through tabs situated at the bottom left of the combined component.

To create a combined dockable component:

  1. Choose the dockable you want to combine with.
  2. Click and hold the title bar.
  3. Drag it to the dockable where you want your selected dockable to combine with.

In this example, you want to combine the Metrics and Paths dockable into the Managed Entities dockable:


When you drag the Metrics dockable, ensure that the greyed out bar preview overlaps the current size of the Managed Entities dockable.

Depending on your preference, you can have one single dockable component that contains multiple dockables at the bottom of the Metrics dataview. This is helpful to sort out your dataview navigation:


When you see these tabs at the bottom left of the dockable, you have successfully combined multiple dockables.

Collapse and unhide a dockable Copied

You can hide and unhide dockables by:

To hide a dockable, perform these steps:

  1. Select the dockable you want to hide.
  2. Click the Toggle auto-hide in its title bar.
  3. Alternatively, right-click the title bar and select Auto Hide.


The hidden dockable component is minimised to the edge of the Active Console interface as a tab.

This is helpful if you want to work with many components simultaneously without closing them.

To unhide a dockable, perform these steps:

  1. Select the dockable you want to display again.
  2. Deselect the Auto Hide option.


The hidden dockable returns to its original location and is now visible to you.
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