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The Evaluate Paths displays all the paths defined on the Active Console workspace. It can also identify how expensive these paths are.

To access the Paths dockable, go to Active Console > Tools > Evaluate Paths.

Each field is accessible with a double-click. When you double-click a path, the Active Console opens the path location in a new dockable.

In this example, the geneos:// ac / Show Critical Alerts on cells path is opened:

The Filter Configuration screen displays:


The listed paths in this dockable do not automatically update.

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The Evaluate Paths has three main functions:


Beginning Active Console 5.5.x, the Managed Entity display name is used in the user readable path.

By setting a rule, you can determine if the XPath value is expensive or not. The result displays N/A for a path if it is not an XPath or is impossible to evaluate:

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A path’s score represents how expensive an XPath is, or how long it takes for the Active Console to evaluate the configured paths.

Path scoring factors two things:


XPaths that match too many data items can have consequences because the cluster may not be able to handle all the data. This can possibly reduce performance and response time of the Active Console and dashboards.

The Gateway configuration setup determines if an XPath can be expensive or not:

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