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Sampler include allows you to configure subsets of sampler information. The information from all relevant sampler include sections is combined and passed to relevant samplers.

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Use of sampler include Copied

The following plug-ins support sampler include:

See the appropriate plug-in reference guide for details of these plug-ins.

Sampler includes are configured in the top level Sampler Includes section of the Gateway setup file and are named sections that can be referenced elsewhere .

The sampler include must be configured to reference one or more Sampler instances in the setup file. This is the set of Samplers that it is valid for this sampler include to be included in. The plug-in section defines the plug-in specific configuration items that will be included by the sampler include. This is typically a list of processes or files to be monitored.

The Samplers referenced here must have the same plug-in type as the sampler include, otherwise the sampler reference is ignored and a setup error is logged.

The sampler include must then be referenced from a managedEntity or type section in the same way as a Sampler would be.

In order to complete the sampler include an instance of one of the samplers referenced by the sampler include must be realised on the target managedEntity. This could be via any type or directly on the managedEntity. If multiple Samplers referenced by the sampler include exist on a managedEntity the sampler include will be applied to all of them.

Variables in Sampler include Copied

As is it possible to use variables in sampler include sections these must be appropriately scoped. During configuration, variable lookup will bind to the managedEntity or type that the sampler include is referenced from irrespective of where the Sampler is referenced from.

On any post configuration lookup (e.g. rules being applied to dataviews), the variable lookup binds to the managedEntity or type that the Sampler was referenced from. The usual scoping rules apply in both cases. See Variable Scoping and Resolution.

Configuration Copied

samplerIncludes > samplerInclude > name Copied

A named instance of a sampler include configuration.

Mandatory: No

samplerIncludes > samplerInclude > sampler Copied

One or more references to named samplers that this sampler include will apply. The samplers referenced here must have the same plugin type as this sampler include or they are ignored and a setup error is logged.

Mandatory: Yes (at least one reference is required)

samplerIncludes > samplerInclude > plugin Copied

The plug-in specific configuration node for the sampler include. See the plug-in reference guide for details of configuration under this.

Mandatory: Yes

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