Disconnect behaviours

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The Netprobe behaviour and configuration follows specific behaviours, depending on its Gateway connection.

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If a Gateway to self-announcing Netprobe (SAN) connection is disconnected, either due to network failure or one party dropping the connection for one of the reasons stated above, then the following rules apply:

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The Disassociate Probe command can be used to remove a SAN from a Gateway. This command is available on SANs with a connection status that is not Up or WaitingForProbe.

Only use this command when a SAN has failed, or has moved to another Gateway but the original Gateway was not notified. This can happen when there is a load-balancer between the SAN and the Gateway, or the connection was suspended.


If the SAN is up when this command is used, it may connect to a different Gateway. If the SAN does connect to a different Gateway, any snooze or user assignment information is lost.

This command is not available on imported SANs.

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Where Hot Standby Gateway pairs are used, both should be specified in the Netprobe Setup File. A non-active Gateway will refuse to accept the Netprobe so there is no risk of the Netprobe choosing a secondary Gateway while the primary is still up.

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