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The Netprobe behaviour and configuration follows specific behaviours, depending on its Gateway connection.

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When a Self-Announcing Netprobe is accepted by a Gateway, it is added to the Gateway’s live directory (as displayed in the State Tree of the ActiveConsole) but not to the Gateway’s Setup File. Future edits to the Gateway Setup File can conflict with the Self-Announcing Netprobe, in which case they are resolved using the following rules:

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The initial connection made to a Self-Announcing Netprobe is marked as temporary by the Netprobe. If another Gateway connects with a forward permanent connection, typically configured in its Setup File, then the Netprobe will drop the temporary connection in favour of the permanent one, unless it is configured to require reverse connections.

Once a Netprobe has a permanent connection from a Gateway it behaves as a normal Netprobe and will never drop the connection, and will refuse all other Gateway connections.

A Self-Announcing Netprobe version 5.1.2 or later, that is configured with a Dynamic Entities Mapping type, will not connect to a Gateway version 5.0.x or earlier. A failed connection will be recorded in the Netprobe log, with a warning that the Gateway version is too old.

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