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GENEOS TIB RV Stream plug-in turns RV traffic into Geneos Streams. Geneos Streams are an internal representation of the message flow - this could also be described as a ‘virtual’ file. The Steams can be fed into the File Keyword Monitoring (FKM) plug-in in the same way as a regular file and so detect predefine text patterns that occur in an RV stream.

In a typical setup, one TIB-RV Stream plug-in instance monitors a number of streams on one or more subjects. A NetProbe may run multiple plug-in instances, so that multiple publishers with different RV parameters can be monitored from a single NetProbe.

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The TIB RV Stream plug-in does not produce any views by default- it is purely used to create Geneos Streams, that are then monitored by the FKM plug-in. However, it possible to set the TIB-RV Stream into a debug mode, where a diagnostic view is produced as follows:


Headline Legend

Name Description
rvTransportState The current state of the RV transport. Will be initialised or failed.
rvService Name/number of the RV service that was configured.
rvNetwork RV network that was configured.
rvDaemon RV daemon that was configured.

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Name Description
name Name of the Geneos Stream
listenSubject The subject that the stream is listening on
status Status of the Geneos Stream.

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The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

service Copied

The Rendezvous service parameter. This is the UDP or PGM port number that will be used to subscribe.

Mandatory: No

Default: A service defined on the machine called rendezvous. If this does not exist then the following hard defaults exist: TRDP 7500, PGM 7550.

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The Rendezvous network parameter. This is formed of three parts colon separated. The interface name and a set of comma separated multicast addresses.


"<ifname>;<mcgroup1>,<mcgroup2>" or "eth1;,"


The send address part of this configuration is not relevant as the plug-in only subscribes.

Mandatory: Yes

daemon Copied

The hostname and address of an RVD to connect to and subscribe from. Specify using the format :. For example:


If using a local daemon the host part can be omitted.

Mandatory: No

Default: Will default to the local daemon port 7500.

subjects Copied

A set of RV subjects for the stream to listen to are configured here. At least one subject must be configured.

Mandatory: Yes

subjects > subjects > name Copied

The name or alias given to this subject.

Mandatory: No

Default: If not specified the rvSubject parameter is used.

subjects > subjects > rvSubject Copied

The RV subject to subscribe to. RV Subjects names are dot ‘.’ separated and have the ‘>’ character as a wildcard.



Mandatory: Yes

createView Copied

If set to true will display a diagnostic view for each configured Geneos Stream.

Mandatory: No

Default: false

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