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GENEOS TIB RV Publisher Plug-in monitors TIB Rendezvous Publishers (or sources) . It checks that the heartbeats are sent out at the expected intervals and also monitors the publish data rates for specified subjects.

It is not necessary to install NetProbe on the host that runs RV Publisher being monitored (although you may wish to do so to monitor other non-RV related host parameters). In a typical setup, one TIB RV Publisher plug-in can monitor a publisher that publishes on one or more subjects but with the same set of Rendezvous parameters. A NetProbe may run multiple plug-in instances, so that multiple publishers can be monitored from a single NetProbe.

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The TIB-RV Plug-in produces one view as follows:

TIB-RV dataview

Headline Legend

Name Description
heartbeatSubject The name of the subject that the publisher sends heartbeats on.
numHeartbeatsMissed Number of missed heartbeats, based on the heartbeat interval defined in the sampler descriptor.
lastHeartbeatTime Time and date of the last heartbeat.

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Name Description
serviceName Name of the service as defined in the sampler descriptor.
subject RV subject listened to for this service.
dataRate Rate of Kbytes/sec at which the publisher is publishing on this subject.
msgRate Rate of messages/sec at which the publisher is publishing on this subject.

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The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

service Copied

The Rendezvous service parameter. This is the UDP or PGM port number that will be used to subscribe.

Mandatory: No

Default: A service defined on the machine called rendezvous. If this does not exist then the following hard defaults exist: TRDP 7500, PGM 7550.

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The Rendezvous network parameter. This is formed of three parts colon separated. The interface name and a set of comma separated multicast addresses.

"<ifname>;<mcgroup1>,<mcgroup2>" or "eth1;,"


The send address part of this configuration is not relevant as the plug-in only subscribes.

Mandatory: Yes

daemon Copied

The hostname and address of an RVD to connect to and subscribe from. Specify using the format <hostname>:<portnumber>. For example:


If using a local daemon the host part can be omitted.

Mandatory: No

Default: Will default to the local daemon port 7500.

subjects Copied

Contains the set of subjects to be monitored for update rate. If not specified then no subjects are monitored.

Mandatory: No

Default: No subjects monitored

subjects > subject > name Copied

The display alias for this configured subject.

Mandatory: Yes

subjects > subject > rvSubject Copied

The RV subject to monitor. RV Subjects names are dot seprated and have the > character as a wildcard.


Mandatory: Yes

heartbeat > subject Copied

The RV subject that the publisher is using to publish heartbeats. If not specified, heartbeats are not monitored.

Mandatory: No

Default: Heartbeats not monitored.

heartbeat > interval Copied

Number of seconds to expect between successive heartbeats.

Mandatory: No

Default: 60

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