ULLINK ULBRIDGE Plug-in - Technical Reference


The end of life for ULLINK ULBRIDGE plug-in is on 30 April 2017. This documentation is archived and will no longer be updated.

Introduction Copied

The ULLINK ULBRIDGE Plugin gathers information on the UULINK ULBRIDGE system, and publishes this information into the Geneos monitoring system, exposing it to the Geneos monitoring, alerting and logging mechanisms.

Views Copied

The plugin gathers information on the ULBRIDGE system by interrogating it on a number of topics. By default, ULBRIDGE is queried on 6 topics. Further topics can be added to this list (and default ones removed) through the use of plugin configuration parameters (see Technical Reference later in this document).

The plugin does not look for specific information or fields in the data that ULBRIDGE returns (ULBRIDGE output), but treats this data in a generic way. Therefore it can handle new information that can appear on the ULBRIDGE output, as long the ULBRIDGE output confirms to one of the formats understood by the plugin.

The following sections show the default topics and a typical resulting view for each topic.

Adapters View Copied


This is an example that is typical to the adapters view.

Aliases View Copied


This is an example that is typical of the aliases view.

Enrichments View Copied


This is an example that is typical of the enrichments view.

Primary / Backup Databases View Copied


This is an example that is typical of the primary / backup databases view.

Ulbridge View Copied


This is an example that is typical of the ulbridge view.

Ulbridge system Properties View Copied


This is an example that is typical of the ulbridge system properties view.

Plug-in Configuration Copied

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

jarFile Copied

The full path of the ULBRIDGE jar file (including the name of the ULBRIDGE jar file)

Mandatory: No

Default: ulbridge.jar

javaPath Copied

The location of the java binary (including trailing slash)

Mandatory: No

Default: Will assume that java will be executable from any location.

extraTopics Copied

Extra topics that ULBRIDGE should be interrogated on.

Mandatory: No

extraTopics > extraTopic Copied

An individual extra topic.

Mandatory: No

extraTopics > extraTopic > name Copied

This will be the name of the view for this topic.

Mandatory: Yes

extraTopics > extraTopic > command Copied

The command line parameters sent to ulbridge to get information on that topic.

Mandatory: Yes

excludeTopics Copied

This is a list of items which identify the topics (from the default list) that should be excluded.

Mandatory: No

excludeTopics > excludeTopic Copied

This is the individual topic to be excluded.

Mandatory: Yes

The topics that can be excluded are:

["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Netprobe"] ["Technical Reference"] "1"

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