The end of life for NYXT MAMA Stats plug-in is on 30 April 2017. This documentation is archived and will no longer be updated.

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Headline Legend

Name Description
username The account name that the application is running as.
hostname The hostname of the machine that the application is running on.
ipAddress The IP address of the machine that the application is running on.
application The name of the application.
applicationClass The name of the application class.
fileLastUpdated The number of seconds that have elapsed since the log file was last modified.

Table Legend

Name Description
name The name of the statistic that was written to the log file. If a batch contains 2 or more statistics with the same name, then we will append an underscore and a number to the end to make the name unique (Without uniqueness we will not be able to apply rules to this cell)
timestamp A timestamp of when the statistic was written to the log file.
type The type of the statistic which has written to the log file.
middleware The type of middleware that the application is using, for example LBM, Tibrv, WMW, etc.
initials The number of initial image requests being made by the application
recaps The number of recaps requests being made by the application.
messages The number of messages received.
ftTakeovers The number of Fault-tolerance takeover events that happened.
queueSize The application's message queue size.
subscriptions The number of subscriptions being made.
timeouts The number of subscriptions that timed out.

Plug-in Configuration Copied

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

logFile Copied

The absolute path or relative path (relative to the netprobe directory) of the log file that the MamaStats agent writes to and which the plug-in should read from.

Mandatory: No

Default: statslogger.log

timeOut Copied

The number of seconds that the log file is expected to be updated by. So for example, if you expect the log file to be updated at least every 10 seconds, you should specify 10 as the value of this parameter.

Mandatory: No

Default: 20

XML Examples Copied

Simple Example Copied

This example shows a typical configuration

        <sampler name="6514">
                        </ nyxt-mamastats >
["Geneos"] ["User Guide"]

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