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The end of life for Citrix Summary plug-in is on 28 February 2019. This documentation is archived and will no longer be updated.

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Plug-In monitors Citrix session information.

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The Citrix Summary plug-in produces a single view as follows:

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Table Legend

Name Description
serverLoad Shows preset server load allowed
serverName Name of the Citrix server
sessionsConnecting The number of sessions connecting to the Citrix server (Made/Making connection with the Citrix server but not authenticated with it yet
sessionsDisconnected The number of sessions disconnected from the Citrix server (Where the sessions are still running on the Citrix server but the user is disconnected from that session
sessionsInError The number of sessions in an invalid state
sessionsInOtherState The number of sessions in an undefined state
sessionsLoggedOn The number of sessions where users are connected to their sessions
sessionsShadowing The number of sessions that are being shadowed by the administrator

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The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

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The name of the plug-in. This must always be specified as follows:


Mandatory: Yes

["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Netprobe"] ["Technical Reference"] "1"

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