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The end of life for Citrix Processes plug-in is on 28 February 2019. This documentation is archived and will no longer be updated.

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The Citrix Processes Plug-In provides a view of the current processes running on the machine, which stem from a remote login. This view is updated in real-time, and can be configured to display an additional set of metrics to monitor, as well as to filter processes listed to provide a more specific view. The Geneos Rule Manager can then be used to set up a rule that would change state and trigger an event when these metrics rise above a set level.

Multiple sets of processes can be monitored by using multiple instances of this plug-in - one instance per view required. These views can then be shown inside a single Managed Entity or across multiple Managed Entities - one per view.

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This plug-in produces a single view, an example of which is shown below:

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Table Legend

Name Description
ProcessID The process identifier as used by Windows.
SessionID The session the process originates from.
UserName The name of the user logged in for that session.
ProcessName The name of the executable of the process.
Creating Process ID The process identifier of the creating process.
<value> Other columns as specified in the sampler manager, using the "Counters" parameter.

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The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

counters Copied

A list of metrics to monitor for each process. These will be added to the view as columns at the right-hand side of the view.


Entries in this list are checked to see if they correspond with the above values. If an entry does not appear as a column when running the plug-in, please check that it is specified exactly as above.

Possible values:

Setting Description
% Processor Time
% User Time
% Privileged Time
Virtual Bytes Peak
Virtual Bytes
Page Faults/sec
Working Set Peak
Working Set
Page File Bytes Peak
Page File Bytes
Private Bytes
Thread Count
Priority Base
Elapsed Time
Pool Paged Bytes
Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Handle Count
IO Read Operations/sec
IO Write Operations/sec
IO Data Operations/sec
IO Other Operations/sec
IO Read Bytes/sec
IO Write Bytes/sec
IO Data Bytes/sec
IO Other Bytes/sec

Mandatory: No

Default: The following columns are provided by default if this parameter is not specifically specified: % Processor Time, % User Time, % Privileged Time, Page Faults/sec, Working Set

showUsers Copied

If this parameter is specified, only listed users' processes will be shown in the view.

Mandatory: No

Default: Shows processes of all users.

hideUsers Copied

If this parameter is specified, the listed users' processes will be hidden in the view.

Mandatory: No

Default: Hides processes of all users.

showProcesses Copied

If this parameter is specified, only the listed processes will be shown in the view.

Mandatory: No

Default: Hides all processes.

hideProcesses Copied

If this parameter is specified, the listed processes will be hidden in the view.

Mandatory: No

Default: Hides all processes.

Menus Copied

This plug-in has an additional context-menu option, “Kill Process” as shown below. When selected, this option will terminate the currently selected process immediately. As a consequence, managers using this option should note that a user still using this process would not be given a chance to save their work. Thus it is recommended that this feature only be used on unwanted processes.

If required, managers can give the user prior notification using the “Send Message” menu in the Citrix Sessions plug-in before terminating a process.


["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Netprobe"] ["Technical Reference"] "1"

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