The end of life for Informix plug-in is on 31 July 2019. This documentation is archived and will no longer be updated.

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Geneos Informix Plug-In monitors the health and status of a server running the Informix Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

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The Informix Plug-In produces two views, Status and Capacity.

Status View Copied

Displays information about the general status of the Informix database instance that is being monitored.


Status Table Legend

Name Description
Version Current Informix release.
status Should be On-Line, will display Prim if this is a primary server.
uptime Time this server has been alive for.
memory Available RAM for this server.
replicationType Will show primary or secondary or standard if no replication occurs.
replicationState On or off.
pairedServer Shows the server this database is replicating to if replication is enabled.
DRInterval Specifies the maximum time interval in seconds between flushing the data replication buffer on the primary. This parameter can be set to -1, 0 and positive integer values. When this is set to -1, the primary waits for the secondary to confirm acceptance of the replication buffer. With synchronous updating, no transactions committed on the primary are left uncommitted or partially committed on the secondary. Synchronous updating can impact perceived performance significantly, as the primary can only move on once it has obtained confirmation that the secondary has the required data committed. When set to 0 or greater, there may be transactions that have been committed on the primary, which would have been rolled back on the secondary if there has been a failure.
DRTimeout Specifies the wait-time in seconds that an Online server in an HDR pair waits for confirmation from the other server that the replication buffer has been successfully transferred. Multiply the DRTIMEOUT by 4 to evaluate the actual elapsed time that will occur before a replication failure is determined.
DRAuto Auto failover status - 0 or OFF - do not automatically switch, 1 or RETAIN_TYPE - automatically switch secondary to standard on HDR failure, 2 or REVERSE_TYPE - automatically switch secondary to standard on an HDR failure. Switch to primary (and primary to secondary) when HDR can restart.
DRLostFound If not using synchronous data replication, then this file will hold details of any transactions that did not get replayed on the secondary.

Capacity View Copied

Monitors disk utilisation statistics for the database.


CAPACITY Table Legend

Name Description
dbSpace Name of the particular database area.
totalPages Total 2k pages available in that area.
pagesUsed Number of utilised pages per area.
pagesFree Number of unutilised pages per area.
percentFreeSpace Percentage space available per area.
percentUtilisation Percentage space used per area.

Plug-In Configuration Copied

Sample Configuration:

capacityScript: /export/home/informix/dbscap.csh
statusScript: /export/home/informix/dbstat.csh

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:

capacityScript Copied

The full path to the Informix Capacity Script.

The script should set environment variables and execute the command dbaccess < dbsfree.sql.

Mandatory: [Yes]

statusScript Copied

The full path to the Informix Status Script.

The script should execute the command onstat -g dri.

Mandatory: [Yes]

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