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Obcerv Connection


This technical reference provides information about the configuration of the Obcerv connection top-level section.

For a step-by-step setup guide, see Obcerv Quickstart Guide.

For information about sampler configuration, see Samplers.

Basic configuration

The Obcerv connection section of the GSE provides the following options:

Setting Description Default
Enabled Enables or disables publishing to Obcerv. Disabled

Specify the publishing mode, choose from:

  • connection — publish Gateway data to Obcerv.

  • statisticsOnly — perform a dry run using the current publishing settings. Statistics are recorded to the self monitoring dataviews and to log files.


If the Mode is set to connection then you can set up:

  • Publishing — configure publishing from this Gateway to Obcerv.

  • Data Access — allow an Active Console connected to this Gateway to access Obcerv data.

Section Setting Description
Connection Verify server certificate

Enables or disables the server certificate verification.

If this parameter is set to false and the TLS is enabled, then the server certificate will not be checked when the connection is made, and the provided certificate will be accepted.

Default: True

Connection Root certificates

Specify the root CA certificate used to sign the ingestion service certificate.

You can provide:

  • pemString — provide the full PEM string of the CA certificate. This can be found in the certificates page of the Obcerv Admin page in your Web Console.

  • pemFile — provide the path to a file in the Gateway's current working directory. This file should contain the full PEM string of the CA certificate.

A root certificate is not required if the certificate is already trusted by the host.

Connection > Publishing Service address Specify the Obcerv ingestion service hostname with the http:// prefix. For example
Connection > Publishing Credentials

Specify the credentials used to access the Obcerv ingestion service.

You should provide a username and password in the Gateway Setup Editor. For more information about password configuration, see Secure Passwords.

Connection > Data access Service address Specify the Obcerv Web Console hostname. For example
Connection > Data access Credentials

Specify the Obcerv user credentials to access data from Obcerv.

You should provide a username and password in the Gateway Setup Editor. For more information about password configuration, see Secure Passwords.


Advanced configuration

The Additional settings option allows you to specify a string containing additional publishing settings.


Setting Description Default
Name Specify a name to uniquely identify the strategy. New Strategy

Set of dataviews that the strategy applies.

For each strategy you must specify an XPath that identifies dataitems where the strategy applies.

These Xpaths can point to any number of probes, managed entities, or samplers. Xpaths pointing to dataviews or individual cells are not supported. Xpaths that reference run-time values (for example, severity or connection state) are not supported.

The ancestors and descendants of all matching dataitems are also published.


Specify what type of strategy to use, the following options are available:

  • filter — publish only the dataitems specified in the targets, their ancestors, and their descendants. The metrics, severity messages, snooze messages, and user assignment messages of all dataitems not explicitly or implicitly targeted are not published. Severity is propagated through published data based only on included dataitems.


Strategy Group

Strategies may be grouped for organisational purposes. This has no effect on their application but is useful for grouping categories and making them easier to find in the navigation tree.

You must specify a name when creating a strategy group.