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The Storage page allows you to configure the retention policy for metric and event data.

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These settings control how long the system retains data in storage. The system discards any metrics and events data older than the specified period.

You can adjust both Metrics and Events settings into a specified number of days. Only numbers between 1 and 999 are allowed in the Metrics and Events field.


Data loss occurs when you reduce the retention period. When you update the retention period and click Save, Web Console will ask you to confirm your changes.

To avoid the ambiguities arising from leap years and months of different lengths Gateway Hub adopts a 30/360 day count convention. In this convention, each month is 30 days in length and each year is 360 days in length.

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Gateway Hub compresses stored metric data older than three days, this reduces storage costs and improves data retrieval speed. Compressed data cannot be modified.

Metric data received with a timestamp older than three days is discarded and an error is generated. You should ensure that data is sampled sufficiently frequently to avoid data loss.

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