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The Monitoring page provides an overview of the monitored entities in an estate.

Gateway Hub receives metrics on monitored entities from Gateway. To configure Gateway to publish metrics, see Gateway Hub quickstart and Gateway Hub configuration.

The monitoring page is composed of two sections:

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The Entities panel shows the monitored entities as small squares coloured according to their status. Clicking an entity opens the Entity overview page, allowing the entity metrics and events to be displayed. For more information see Entity overview.

Hovering the cursor over an entity will display a tooltip showing the five most important attributes. You can define the important attributes from the attributes list, for information on how to do this see Attributes list in Entity overview.

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If there are too many entities to display all at once, the Web Console will display the most important entities, followed by an overflow indicator.

Overflow indicators appear as sequences of fading squares showing that there are more entities than could be shown at once. Hovering the cursor over the overflow indicator will show a tooltip providing a summary of the additional entities.

To view entities in the overflow click the overflow indicator , this will apply the appropriate filter to show these entities.

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You can group entities according to their attributes.

To create a grouping:

  1. Click add next to Groups. The Select attribute drop-down list appears.
  2. Select an Attribute from the drop-down list. When grouping is enabled, entities are shown in groups labelled with the value of the specified attribute.

You can create up to two groupings, the second grouping will be used to subdivide the top level groups.

To remove a grouping, click the next to the group.


Attributes with more than 100 values cannot be used to create groups.

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You can filter the entities shown using either Basic or Advanced queries to quickly find those of interest.

Clicking a group label will automatically generate a filter showing only entities from that group.

Basic Copied

Basic filtering allows you to filter based on the value of attributes.

To use Basic filtering:

  1. Click next to Filters. The Select attribute and Value drop-down lists appear.
  2. Select an Attribute from the drop-down list.
  3. Select a value from the drop-down list. This auto-populates based on the selected Attribute.

You can create an unlimited number of Filters.

To remove a Filter, click next to the Filter.

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Advanced filtering allows you to create Filters using the full Gateway Hub REST API entity filter syntax. You can create an unlimited number of Filters.

For more information, see .

To use Advanced filtering:

  1. Click Advanced to the right of Filters. A text box will appear.
  2. Write your query in the text box. The Web Console will provide code completion options.
  3. Click Apply.

To remove a Filter, click the next to the Filter.

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