Overview Copied

The Licence page shows information relating to your current licence for Gateway Hub. You can also upload new licences for Gateway Hub using this page.

To open this page, go to Administration > Licence in the Web Console side panel.

Add a licence Copied

To add a licence:

  1. Click Upload Licence. You will be prompted to upload a file.
  2. Select your licence file, then click Open. If you do not have a licence file, contact your ITRS sales representative or our support desk.

General Copied

This section gives general information regarding your licence for Gateway Hub.

Field Description

Type of licence.

Customer Name of customer or organisation the licence is registered to.
Version Licence version.
Created by Licence issuer.
Period of validity Start and end date of your Gateway Hub licence.
Created on Date licence was created.

Licensed products Copied

This table shows information about other licensed products on your Geneos estate.

Column Description

Geneos product.

Quantity Number of this product that are licensed.
Unit Licence version.
Start date Start date of the licence for this product.
End date Expiry date of the licence for this product.
["Geneos"] ["User Guide"]

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