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This page helps you get started with Geneos Web Console. It provides more details about the basic features and tools that you can use when configuring the Web Console.

This page also outlines the connectivity requirements and other recommendations to properly run the Web Console.

If you are a new user, we recommend that you read Introduction to Geneos Web Console.

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This guide is intended for Geneos administrators who are storing metrics and event histories in the Gateway Hub.

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Gateway Hub must already be installed and configured to access the Web Console. For instructions on installing Gateway Hub, see .

Port 8443 must be externally accessible on each Gateway Hub to access the Web Console.

Browser requirements Copied

The Web Console is supported by the following browsers:

Browser Minimum requirements
Internet Explorer IE 11 and above.
Firefox Firefox 45 and above.
GoogleChrome Most current version.
MicrosoftEdge MS Edge 40.x.

To use the Web Console with seamless SSO authentication, you need to ensure the integrated authentication is enabled in your browser, and the Web Console is white-listed. See Enable integrated authentication in your browser.

Hardware recommendations Copied

Component Recommended setup Minimum requirement
Screen resolution 1280px width 1024px width

Access Web Console Copied

To access the Web Console:

  1. Navigate to https://<hostname>:<port> in your browser.
  2. Replace hostname with the location of your Gateway Hub instance and <port> with the Web Console port.


You cannot access most of the pages of the Web Console without a valid Gateway Hub licence.

The Web Console is secured using the SSO Agent that is bundled with Gateway Hub. For instructions on configuring the SSO Agent, see SSO Agent User Guide.

The log in process for the Web Console differs depending on if Kerberos has been enabled in the SSO Agent:

If log in is unsuccessful, an error screen is displayed.

UI settings Copied

The UI settings allow you to configure the appearance of the Web Console. These settings do not affect how the data is stored.

To access these settings, click settings at the top right of the screen.

The page has the following options:

Section Description
General Changes the display language and preferred user interface style.
Date and Time Changes the time zone, date, and time format.


UI settings are stored in your current browser.

You may also click About ITRS Geneos Web Console in the Web Console side panel to access the online help and view the information about the current Gateway Hub version, build date, and environment.

Load Balancing Copied

By default, the Web Console is accessed directly from a Gateway Hub node on port 8443.

For increased resiliency and simpler navigation, you may use a load-balancer to share traffic between different nodes. This can also be used to map traffic to port 8443, allowing simpler navigation (for example

["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Gateway Hub"] ["User Guide"]

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