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Below are the error codes categories and the specific error details shown by the Web Console and recorded in log files.

You can see the list of error codes and their details through the Administration > Ingestion errors page.

Error codes and details Copied

Category Error code Message
persistence 14000 No such schema
14001 Unable to deserialise Avro Payload.
14002 Unable to open Normalised Avro Envelope
14003 Code generation failed for metric series writer.
gatewaysetup 19000 Resource name already exists.
19001 Incompatible resource version.
19002 Resource cannot be added to gateway.
19003 Gateway name already exists.
19004 Resource is locked.
19005 Resource not found.
19006 Invalid resource name.
19007 Gateway resources not found.
19008 Main resource cannot be removed.
19009 Gateway cannot be removed.
19010 Gateway not found.
19011 Resource cannot be updated.
19012 Unexpected field.
19013 Incompatible gateway version.
19014 Another request is in progress.
19015 Resource in main setup was not found.
19016 Resource in main setup but not in request.
19017 Resource in request but not in main setup.
19018 Incompatible gateway name.
19019 Bad setup change request.
19020 Resource cannot be removed.
19021 Resource cannot be changed.
19022 Resource cannot be locked.
system 15000 Unhandled Error
15001 Failed to process message.
15003 Major. Out of disk space.
15004 Major. IO was interrupted.
15005 Kafka Authorisation Failure
15006 Leader Not Available
15007 No Available Brokers
data 12001 Kafka could not deserialise message.
12002 Kafka could not serialise message.
job 17000 The specified job ${jobId} was not found.
17001 Job run not found.
17002 Job Already Queued.
config 11000 Invalid licence signature
11001 Cannot parse licence
11002 Expired licence
11003 Licence not found
11004 Licence feature is missing
normalisation 13000 Invalid format for field ${fieldName}
13001 Unrecognised field '${fieldName}'
13002 Bad Envelope
13003 Missing required property(s)
13004 Geneos Dataview message has invalid structure
13005 Invalid Cell Value
13006 Invalid Canonical Unit
13007 Invalid Unit
13008 Dataview component is not mapped
13009 Mapped Metric Series does not exist
13010 Unit Already Exists
13011 The row name was present for a headline schema
13012 The row name was empty
13013 Invalid row name
13014 Invalid row name type
13015 Invalid enrichment configuration in schema
13016 Empty Parameter Name
13017 Non numeric property with unit of measure
13018 Invalid Canonical Unit in Schema
13019 Unit was empty
13020 Invalid characters in target field
13021 Unexpected property type
13022 Unsupported property type
13023 Required schema property was not defined
13024 Schema property not marked as required
13025 Table schema without row name
13026 Missing canonical unit
13027 Invalid UOM conversion factor
13028 A unit was applied to the row name property
13029 Non float property with unit of measure
13030 Message contained an invalid operation
13031 Payload did not contain an operation
13032 The structure of the payload does not match the operation type
13033 Invalid Unit in Schema
13034 Non unique unit name
13035 Duplicate property name in schema
13036 Decimal value truncated
13037 Invalid schema type
13038 Invalid schema property type
13039 Empty unit code
13040 Unit does not have a name in the default locale
13041 Missing target field
13042 Invalid characters in property name
publisher 18000 GSSAPI Authentication missing
18001 Invalid security protocol
18002 Missing Kafka bootstrap server
18003 Invalid Kafka host
18004 CA Certificate missing
18005 Snapshot request failed
18006 Illegal Kafka property
18007 Invalid certificate
18008 Duplicated Kafka hosts
18009 Publishing is currently disabled
api 10000 Expected field not specified
10001 Invalid query request
10002 Invalid field type.
>10003 Invalid Dataview path
10004 Validation failed
10005 Unrecognized field
10007 Unable to parse the payload
10008 Unable to parse value
10009 Unsupported media type
10010 Malformed query parameter
10011 Missing query parameter
10012 Missing request body
10014 Authorization failed
10015 Maintenance in progress
10016 Invalid Version
10017 Unknown query parameter
10018 Version conflict
10019 Can't parse group scheme
10020 Can't parse metric Identifier
10021 Can't parse aggregation
10022 No Such Aggregation
10023 Entity Query Parse failure
10024 Invalid Aggregation Parameters
10025 Unsupported metric type
10026 Invalid Aggregation Parameter
10027 Invalid Day Specification
10028 Invalid Time Format
10029 Invalid Row Grouping
10030 Unsupported Bucket Duration
10031 Invalid Bucket Count
10032 Duplicate Metric Identifier
10033 Multiple Output Types for Aggregation
10034 Invalid Bucketing Structure
10035 Can't parse ISO-8601 duration
10036 Dataset already exists
10037 Dataset not generated
10038 Dataset already scheduled for deletion
10039 Invalid DateTime Format
10040 Unexpected Metric Query Error
10041 Entity Attribute List Parse failure
10042 Invalid client security configuration.
10043 Invalid server security configuration.
10044 Invalid server roles security configuration.
10045 Invalid server roles mappings security configuration.
10050 Invalid Token
10051 Token expired
10052 Invalid Source
10053 Insufficient Permissions
10060 Authorization has failed
platform 20001 Entities not found
20002 Entity metrics not found
validation 16000 Value not greater than
16001 Literal value not greater than
16002 Value not greater than or equal
16003 Literal value not greater than or equal
16004 Value not less than
16005 Literal value not less than
16006 Value not less than or equal
16007 Literal value not less than or equal
16008 Values not equal
16009 Literal values not equal
16010 Value is null
16011 Value is empty
16012 Optional value is empty
16013 Invalid parameter type
16014 Value is not one of the allowed values
16015 Literal value is not one of the allowed values
16016 Value does not contain valid XML
16017 Value is not a valid Time Zone Id
16018 Unexpected time-based ISO-8601 duration
16019 Value is not null
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